General Posting Policies

General posting policies for employers in Handshake are listed below.  Note that individual offices may have additional posting policies beyond what is listed below. Please consult directly with a career services office if you have further questions.

Employer Account Requests

Basic Requirements include:

  • An email address associated with your employer/organization website domain (no Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc). Individual contact names and email addresses should match whenever appropriate.
  • A functioning website that clearly relates to your employer/organization and contains helpful information about your company for the potential applicant; website should not be in a pre-launch/beta phase nor contain "coming soon" language. Social media websites (Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter feeds, etc.) should not take the place of a company website.
  • An employer/organization address that is easily identifiable as a place of business. Addresses should not be a contact's personal residence.

Very limited exceptions apply to these three basic requirements.


Position Posting Requests

The following types of positions are not accepted for posting in Handshake:

  • Unpaid, stipend, or commission/quota-based campus marketing internships or part-time positions
    (Full campus marketing/promotional position policy)
  • Application processes that ask students to use their social media profiles or release information associated with their social media profiles (i.e. number of followers/friends)
  • In-home/private/independent childcare, nanny, or tutoring
  • 1099 independent contractor positions, other than those for full-time degreed employment
  • Positions whose payment structure is commission-only (does not apply to full-time career employment)
  • Positions or programs that charge a fee for participation
  • Employment outside the United States posted by a third-party

Very limited exceptions apply to these position types. Positions may be denied for additional reasons deemed appropriate by career services staff.

Unpaid Internship Postings

While unpaid internships are accepted in Handshake, we encourage you to review the items below with your human resources department and legal counsel to determine whether or not your internship is in compliance with federal law.