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Alumni Career Services at Ohio State:

The Ohio State University is committed to helping our students through all aspects of their career journey, from internships to their full-time employment. Several resources and offices on campus focus on helping Alumni with career search tools & resources.

  • Some college and department career services offices offer alumni services.  
  • The Bill and Susan Lhota Office of Alumni Career Management has experienced career consultants that can help alumni in all stages of their career using a variety of career development tools and services.
  • Alumni also have access to Handshake, Ohio State's comprehensive, web-based career services management platform. Handshake is an intuitive, easy-to-use job search system to help alumni connect with employers for full-time career opportunities. 

Networking with Other Alumni:  

The Ohio State University Alumni Association offers several ways to stay in touch with fellow alumni. Visit the Alumni Communities section of the organization's website for more information. Stay connected with other alumni and Ohio State community through the Alumni Association.

Get Involved with Career Services

We recognize the knowledge and experience alumni have gained throughout their career. We appreciate alumni who give back to Ohio State by engaging with students through career services. Here are several ways that alumni can share their expertise with our current students:

  • Offer to be a contact for students interested in conducting informational interviews. These are structured conversations in which students can learn about an alumni's career field and obtain advice for that particular field.
  • Participate in a career panel to educate students about the job search process and offer information about how they can become involved with an alumni's company.
  • Hold an informational session for students about an alumni's company/organization to increase student awareness - this is especially helpful to hold the day before conducting on-campus recruiting.
  • Conduct on-campus interviews to generate an applicant pool for current openings.
  • Participate in campus career fairs.
  • Encourage an alumni's employer to create an account on Handshake to recruit Ohio State students and graduates.

Contact specific Ohio State career services offices  to become involved with the campus community!

Recruiting Students

Alumni can recruit at Ohio State via Handshake for a variety of positions; including internships, part-time, full-time, on-campus, co-ops, service-learning or volunteering. Employers can also check with individual colleges or departments to see what types of positions or events they support or recommend. Contact a specific college career services office for more information.

Consider participating in an upcoming career fair or event. A list of career fairs for the upcoming academic year is online and is just one way to keep up to date on career fairs held at Ohio State. Once your company has set up an employer account on Handshake, they will be able to see a constantly updating list of career fairs, events, programs, and mcuh more.