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Handshake for Employers

Handshake is a comprehensive, web-based career services management platform for sourcing, engaging and hiring talent for internship, co-op and job opportunities. By utilizing Handshake, employers can engage with students in a number of ways:

  • Post employment opportunities (full, part-time, seasonal)
  • Participate in career fairs across our campus
  • Participate in and host events
  • Request on campus interview schedules and rooms
  • Request/host information sessions

For more information about Handshake, please visit Handshake's employer site.  

Benefits of Handshake for Employers

  • With Handshake, employers get a single integrated network. They can schedule on-campus interviews, register for career fairs, set up info sessions and manage logistics and payment.
  • Multi-School Job Posting Option - with just a few clicks, post employer's jobs across dozens of schools - for free.
  • Employers are able to narrow down potential hires to the best fits through Handshake’s advanced filtering options.

Best Practices for Employers on Handshake:

How to get the most out of job postings:

  • Consider a variety of majors that can apply for the position. Many majors have overlapping skills and knowledge that are applicable to positions. Including more majors in the posting will allow more students to apply and increase an employer's chances of finding the right candidate.
  • Make the post as detailed as possible. More descriptive job postings with better details will allow the candidates to really know if the position is a good fit for them and will increase the potential for the best qualified applicants to apply.

Employer Handshake Account Requirements for Ohio State

  • An email address associated with their employer/organization website domain (no Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). Individual contact names and email addresses should use the employer/organization domain.
  • A functioning website which clearly relates to the employer/organization and contains information about their company for the potential applicant; websites should not be in a pre-launch/beta phase nor contain "coming soon" language. Social media websites (Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter feeds, etc.) do not take the place of a company website.
  • An employer/organization address that is easily identifiable as a place of business. Addresses should not be a contact's personal residence.

Note that college career services offices may have additional posting policies beyond what is listed below. Please consult directly with a career services office if you have further questions.

Job Requirements

All employment opportunities posted must abide by Equal Employment Opportunities standards.

The following types of employment are not accepted for posting in Handshake:

  • Campus marketing internships that are unpaid, stipend or commission/quota-based or part-time positions 
  • Application processes that ask students to use their social media profiles or release information associated with their social media profiles (i.e. number of followers/friends)
  • In-home/private/independent childcare, nanny or tutoring
  • Part-time positions whose payment structure is commission-only (does not apply to full-time career employment)
  • Positions or programs that charge a fee for participation
  • Employment outside the United States posted by a third-party

Very limited exceptions apply to these position types. Employers and postings may be denied for additional reasons deemed appropriate by career services staff. Please refer to the Campus Marketing Guidelines.

Unpaid Internship Postings

While unpaid internships are accepted in Handshake, we encourage employers to review the items below with their human resources department and legal counsel to determine whether or not their internship is in compliance with federal law. 

  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division's Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

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