Office of Student Life

Posting Internal Ohio State Jobs

Posting Jobs to Handshake:

Ohio State uses Handshake as the job posting board for all Ohio State students. If you are looking to employ students, or recent graduates, then Handshake is the place for you! It’s free for employers and students and easy to use. Employers can post jobs (full and part-time), internships and co-ops. As an employer you can search for students with specific skills and majors in order to fulfill any positions that would benefit from students with specific training.

You can establish an employer account on Handshake. Handshake provides several great resources for employers getting started in Handshake:

Once your account has been approved by Buckeye Careers staff you are free to start posting jobs to Handshake. If you have any questions please email


  • Once in Handshake you can search and see if someone in your office has already established an account. If they have then join the account
  • If you have to establish a brand new employer account, follow these steps:
    • The first person who sets up the account will be listed as the account owner (allowing them to approve other staff for the account). It is important to work with your team to establish who this should be in your office/department.
    • When possible, all accounts will follow the structure “Department/Office/Center Name – College/VP Unit – Ohio State University.
    • All Ohio State employer accounts should mark their industry as Higher Education.

Work Study:

The official job posting board for work study positions is managed by Financial Aid. You can still post those positions on Handshake, but make sure to indicate that it is work study program, and that students should go through the official work study site.

Resources for Employing Students:

As the largest employer of student workers on campus, The Office of Student Life Human Resources has established a program called the Student Employment Experience (SEE). It is a great resource for anyone on campus employing students who want to make the experience rewarding for both the student and employer. This program is developed around seven core learning competencies which can help you in designing your own student worker experience for your department.

Advising students on their Job and Internship search:

We know that advisors and faculty can play a great role in a student’s career development. Some resources for you to refer to are: