Office of Student Life

Buckeye Careers

Schedule An Appointment

Please call 614-688-3898 to schedule a virtual appointment with a career counselor.

Individual Career Counseling

Career counseling is an opportunity for all students to seek individualized advice and answers regarding careers, internships, graduate or professional school and transitioning from student to professional. Whether seeking academic, post-doctoral or non-academic careers, Graduate and Professional students can utilize our counseling and support services as well. Our career counselors will help you clarify your goals, explore personal concerns and develop an individualized career plan.

Group Career Counseling

Connecting with other students who share similar concerns is a unique way to generate solutions and strategies for your career-related questions. A variety of programs covering topics such as job search strategies and relating your program of study to various career paths, are available every semester.

Job Campaign Assistance

Our career counselors can help you develop the tools (résumés, vitae and cover letters) that you need to promote yourself to employers. We also provide mock interview services to improve your interview skills and confidence.

Virtual Drop-In Hours

Virtual Drop-In hours for Autumn 2021 are offered every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2 - 4 p.m. Students can reserve a half-hour spot by contacting 614-688-3898 as late as noon the day of the appointment. These 30-minute appointments are a great way to get a resume review, discuss an upcoming interview or get a quick answer to your career-related questions. Last virtual drop-in appointment is taken a half hour prior to the walk-in ending time.